Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Send in the broccoli

Isaac slept soundly last night from 7 until just after midnight. Right when I was getting ready to head to bed, he woke up. I fed him, he went back to sleep (very briefly), woke up again, cycle continued until 5 am. He seemed hungry but wasn't desparate, and didn't cry when I tried to put him back to bed..just talked and grunted. He kept smiling at me when I would go back and check on him. He finally went back to sleep at 5 once Tim gave him a small bottle of formula, so I got maybe an hour and a half of good sleep last night.
I had worked until 9, so I think he was just pleasantly surprised to see me and wanted to hang out :) 
A friend told me that she once read something about babies waking up in the middle of the night, and the advice was to send in the broccoli (dad) instead of the cookies (mom). Because why would a baby want broccoli when they know they could have cookies? Not that Isaac doesn't love Tim, but when he knows I'm there -- especially when I wasn't there before bed -- he justs want to hang out and snuggle. Very sweet, but boy am I sleepy today.
But, Isaac has been sleeping in a Pack N Play in our room, so its sort of hard to convince him that Dad is the only one around when he can clearly see that I'm in the room. The only thing that has been preventing me from moving him to his own room at night, is the lack of shades. So, I took some time over my lunch hour today to buy a roller shade for the large window in his nursery. We will put those up tonight or tomorrow and start transitioning him to his crib instead of sleeping in our room. Hopefully that will help him sleep better and longer at night.
And then, when he wakes up in the middle of the night, I can send in the broccoli in order to bore him back to sleep ;)

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