Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pup for Sale

I'm sure you've all heard various tales of frustration related to our bloodhound, Payton. She really is a sweet dog, but she is just too much work and needs too much attention for us at this point. It has always been a struggle living with her, but now that Isaac has arrived, it has become much more stressful. She is not adjusting well, and is always getting into trouble just to get attention. She needs somewhere she can run and play, and not have to be alone for much of the day like she is now.
So, even though we love her, I think the best thing for everyone is if she finds a new home. We are asking a small adoption fee of $100 (this discourages people looking for free dogs for the purposes of research or dog fighting), although we will waive that for someone we know will give her a good home. This includes all her stuff -- large crate, bowls, first months food, remaining medications, toys, favorite blankets, etc.
She would do best in a home where someone is home much of the time. A fenced in yard would be great, but lots of walks and/or dog daycare would suffice. Invisible fences are a non-option because bloodhounds will disregard the shock and just keep tracking the scents. She hasn't had much exposure to cats, but she loves other dogs. Older kids that could run and play with her would be great, but a home with young children would probably end up with the same issues we're having now.
If you know of anyone who might be looking for a sweet adult dog, please let me know, or pass along our phone/email.

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