Tuesday, June 1, 2010

We could always use some more fluff...

Chubby Cherubs Cloth Diaper Naturals is offering a chance to win a $425 cloth diaper package! Requirement: just share the giveaway info on a social network page like a blog (check!) or Facebook (check!). Couldn't hurt to try, right?

Package includes:
10 Chubby Cheeks Diapers (Available in Neutral, Boy or Girl print/color combos.)
12 One-Size Soakers
3 Doublers (3 Pack)- 9 Doublers Total
2 Cloth Wipes (8 Pack)- 16 Cloth Wipes Total
1 Cloth Wipes Solution (NH Milk & Honey Bun Drops or NH Green Tea & Honey Bun Drops)

Become a fan of them here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Chubby-Cherubs-Cloth-Diaper-Naturals/336981221948
or visit their website: http://www.chubbycherubsclothdiapernaturals.com/

We currently only have 12 daytime diapers and 3-4 nighttime diapers, so this would be a big help! We just took a 5 day road trip and had to use disposables on our trip, since we only have enough cloth dipes to last us about 2 days.

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