Monday, June 28, 2010

church and such

We had a long weekend filled with lots of food and family. Monday comes too soon.

Our niece Katie was baptised yesterday, and all the Chicago and Georgia relatives were in town to attend and celebrate. Of course, Isaac is 2 months older and has not been baptised, which makes me feel like a bit of a heathen, but whatever. I was raised Baptist, and (ironically enough) they don't baptise babies. I fully support anyone who does it, but for my own kid, it would be a bit strange I think.
It was the first time Isaac had been to church, and he did pretty well. He loves music, so he was pretty happy during the worship portion. Once the message started, I was trying to rock him to sleep, but he just kept pulling my shirt down, lol. Not church-appropriate. I kept him happy for a bit with a continuous stream of Rice Krispies but eventually had to go out in the lobby until the message was over.
Through all of this, he has been working on getting at least one top tooth. I feel it poking through, but can't see it yet. Hopefully it will make an appearance soon because he has been pretty miserable around bedtime. He's actually been getting excited when I get out the Tylenol. (Although the sugary grape flavor probably doesn't hurt...)

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