Sunday, August 23, 2009

week 26

This week has been full of firsts...

my first pair of full-panel capris, because none of my other ones fit right anymore (and now, finally, a pair of full-panel jeans due to Old Navy's $19 jeans sale yesterday)

Tim felt the baby kick for the first time yesterday! Isaac always seems to do the most kicking when I'm at work and Tim isn't around, so I'm glad he finally got to experience it.

Today was the first time I felt like I will end up needing one of those devices that help old people put their socks on. As evidenced by the fact that I attempted to put on socks and tennis shoes, and almost fell off the bed because my belly kept getting in the way. LOL.

This weekend also marks the first time that we can easily walk in and out of the nursery, since Bob came and helped Timmy move the dresser and hutch back to Aunt Jamie's storage unit. (Thanks Bob!). I spent several hours in there last night sorting through everything, and moving out things that are leftover from the room's days as Tim's office. I also set up our papasan rocker--which I'm sitting in right now, and its quite comfy. It feels nice to be able to move around in here. Next step, painting.

And, long overdue I know, progress pics....(and yes, I really am only 6 months pregnant. Everyone keeps telling me I look further along than that. And no, its not twins. I'm positive.)

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