Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Just for Kicks

Not much to say today except that I finally felt what was definitely a kick! Actually, quite a few of them. Once he got my attention with the first one, he kept kicking sporadically for an hour or so.

I came home around 6 today to what I thought was a Tim-less house. Payton's leash was here, and she didn't come to the door, so I assumed she was upstairs in her crate. I spent 15 minutes or so checking emails before I went to go retrieve her. Suddenly, I heard pup footsteps. It turns out that Tim and Payton had been sleeping on our bed--both so soundly that they didn't hear me come in. I went in and lay down with them to say hello, and next thing I know it was 8pm. So I guess we were all pretty sleepy. Now its time for bed again...

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