Thursday, July 23, 2009

week 22

I think just in the past week or so my belly must have "popped". I have had several random patrons at work ask me when I was due, is this my first, etc. My friend Mindy told me on Monday--after not seeing me for 3 days--that it was the first she looked at me and thought "oh, she's pregnant"

Little pal is now big enough to be measured head to toe (instead of head to butt, lol). He should be about 10 1/2" long now, and weighs about 12 oz.

He is so little though that he still has tons of room in there, so I'm not feeling definite kicks yet....just vague movements from time to time. During my prenatal appts, when we listen to the heartbeat, we hear him moving a lot! It's probably just as well that I'm not feeling kicks yet, because once I do I probably won't be getting much rest!

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