Wednesday, April 8, 2009

week 7

Still no nausea (yay!) and my congestion has pretty much cleared up, with only 2 Sudafed on Monday. Yesterday marked 9 years of Tim and I being together, so we went out to Olive Garden to celebrate. Baby bird seems to really like their salad and breadsticks, lol.

I saw Miki--a long time family friend--at the library this morning. She said my dad told them about the baby in Fred's b-day card. We ran through a quick timeline and decided that he must have gone out and bought the birthday card and sent it out within 24 hours of hearing my news. So Dad, if you're reading this...I take it you're excited! I'm glad :)

First doctor's appointment tomorrow morning and I will likely schedule my first ultrasound while I'm there. They usually do it after 8 to 10 weeks, so we should have our first pictures by the end of April!

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