Monday, April 6, 2009


as in, stuffy nose. This is the 4th day that I haven't been able to breathe due to sinus congestion. I'm supposed to be avoiding medication as much as possible right now since I'm only in my first trimester. After suffering through 3 days of this though, I broke down and called my doctor this morning.

They told me I can take Sudafed, which I don't like the effects of normally, but its pretty much my only option. I can also take Benedryl if I want but it will likely knock me out. Since I'm having trouble making it through the day without a nap as it is, I don't think the Benedryl would be a wise choice.

So far the Sudafed does seem to help. I am taking a half dose, at the largest intervals possible, so I'm basically bringing my congestion to a tolerable level instead of clearing it up completely. I did have a moment of guilt when I took my first dose, like I'm choosing my comfort over baby bird's potential development and health. However, not being able to breathe well--which means I don't sleep well--is probably not good for the baby either.

I haven't gained any weight yet, but I'm going to go ahead and start posting belly pics anyhow. Today marks the beginning of my 7th week, so I'll try to post pictures every few weeks on Mondays from here on out.

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  1. My nose is STILL stuffed up...and its been almost 3 years since my pregnancy! My advice is to try saline sprays.
    As far as the sleepiness the first three months for me were the worst. I could not stay awake and even got a bad review at work cause I was always sleeping. Its amazing how the little parasite will suck every last ounce of energy out of you. Get some rest now...your energy will came back during the second trimester.
    Crackers are great at keeping the nausea at bay. Just make sure your eating before you get too hungry but don't eat too much at one time.
    Have a happy pregnancy! Love Julie :-)