Wednesday, December 2, 2009

life with baby

the past few weeks have been tiring, but we're starting to settle into a routine and get comfortable with taking care of a newborn. Isaac is doing great--he is back above birthweight now and has had no health problems other than an eye infection that was quickly cleared up with some antibiotic ointment.

We have been using disposable diapers for now, because the cloth ones we had were all WAY too big on him. However, we have been really unhappy with our disposables experience so far, so are working on transitioning to cloth as soon as possible. The Pampers we were using have been leaving gel crystals all over his skin, sometimes so many that we've had to give him a bath just to clean them all off. They are supposedly non-toxic, but something just seems unsettling about it.

Today I bought some Seventh Generation brand chlorine-free diapers to tide us over until we are doing cloth full-time. While chlorine-free is a nice concept, it makes for stiff, crinkly diapers that feel similar to wrapping his butt in a brown paper bag. Turns out, they're only about that absorbent too, because within 30 minutes he was soaked with pee that leaked out the waist and legs of the diaper.

So, I bought a bunch of Isaac-sized diapers -- both simple prefolds w/covers, and some all in one diapers, and we are finally using them pretty much full time. He seems to like them, too. They are very soft inside, and his butt doesnt get red like it does with disposables. Now I just need to make more cloth wipes, and we'll be all set.

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