Thursday, September 24, 2009

nursery part 2

The nursery is painted and has some furniture. We still need a crib, and then just to decorate the walls and put down a throw rug or two. Here are some pictures:

this is the corner across from the door. We left one wall the tan color that it already was, and the other three walls are green. The empty space there is where the crib will go.

to the left of the crib is our papasan rocker, and that dresser is what we'll be using as a changing table, with a contoured cushion. The top drawer is already housing the few cloth diapers we've accumulated so far.

This bookcase is directly across from the door. The door pictured is the closet. I didn't plan on having a giant bookcase in the nursery, but it was in this room when Tim's office was in here, and it won't fit in his upstairs office because of the sloped ceilings. We don't really have anywhere else to put it, so we'll be anchoring it to the wall and using colorful bins on the shelves to store books and toys.

This dresser belonged to my brother growing up. We have the matching chest of drawers in our bedroom closet right now. When he moves to a grown up bed, he can take the matching chest and the twin headboard as well. The lamp on top is his "tanning lamp"...a gooseneck lamp that we will get a UV bulb for. This was suggested to us by the midwives to have on hand in case he is born jaundiced.


  1. cute, cute, CUTE!! i love the green. i think you guys should re-paint the bookcase, maybe like a contrasting green, or blue. have tim get right on that. :)

  2. Adorable! Just a reminder that we're getting closer. Love the green and the rocking chair looks like a comfy place to snuggle him up. Love U BUNCHES Baby Isaac!!
    Grandma Hinds