Wednesday, September 16, 2009

nursery and such

The nursery is now painted and pretty much empty except for little pal's stuff. We're moving some dressers in on Saturday so I'll post pictures after that.

This past week or so has been interesting....I got the flu or something similar, and stayed home from work on Tuesday and Wednesday last week, and ended up going home early on Friday as well because I was still exhausted. We had a prenatal appointment on Wednesday night and I found out that I'm somewhat anemic, so that could have contributed to the run-down feeling.
Babies start to store iron for later use during the last part of the pregnancy, so my intake needs to increase to keep up with the demand. I'm now taking a supplement to boost my iron levels, as well as just watching what I eat a little more.

Tim and I have been looking into refinancing our mortgage with a FHA rehab loan, to give us money to finish the basement and add a bathroom.
We met with Michelle's dad tonight to look at design plans and get a cost estimate. So far everything is looking good....fingers crossed that it all works out as planned. It will be so nice if we are able to follow through on it! I think it will add a lot of resale potential as well, having a second full bathroom. The work would end up getting completed during November/December....right when little pal is due to make his appearance. So things will be a little hectic over here, but well worth it in the end.

We are still exploring daycare options. Most likely we will end up at Paige's Playhouse, which is across the street from my job so would be super convenient. However, an in-home provider could potentially offer us a better price, so I am looking into those as well. We found one woman who is nationally certified (which is rare), and pretty close to my work. She is full at the moment, but put me on a waitlist. We are first on the list, so hopefully something will open up before February. Otherwise, Paige's looks nice, just not as flexible and cost-effective as an individual might be.

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