Monday, May 4, 2009

I need a weekend off to recover from my weekend off...

Here's how my weekend went....

Friday night: home from work around 6:30. Big headache, super tired, and it was storming all night, so just vegged out on the couch and went to bed around 11:30.

Saturday morning: got up around 8:30 to get ready for a shopping trip with my mom. Went downstairs to get clothes out of dryer, found standing water in entire basement up to 3" deep depending on location. Spent an hour on the phone with Mom, insurance company, water extraction company, etc.

Servpro (Water extraction company) people came and installed 6 industrial sized fans in basement. Roto Rooter came to replace faulty sump pump.

Saturday evening: intermission from chaos; fun hanging out with our friend Brian and yummy dinner at Villa Nova

Sunday morning: Tim goes into garage for something and sees that garage door has a broken extension spring and can no longer be opened, so will now need to be repaired.

Sunday afternoon: spent well over an hour at David's Bridal in what should have been a 20 minute trip to exchange my dress for Amy and Bob's wedding. Was told by David's Bridal employees that they only allow exchanges within 90 days of the items leaving the store. Since they told us to order by late September, the items had been picked up 6 months ago. I told them that if I had known in October that I would be 16 weeks pregnant in mid-June, I would have exchanged the dress then.

They finally let me exchange the dress for a new one, but the new one was less money. Great, a refund! Nope. They don't do store credit, so in order to exchange the dress, I had to buy something else to make it equal or greater. So I went ahead and bought my shoes. Great to get that out of the way, but I was in a hurry and not planning on doing that yesterday.

Today: Servpro wanted to come back to do a dry check of the basement, and was hassling me into doing it mid-day even though I told them I was at work. Wanted to come at 2:30--right in the middle of our monthly department meeting. I finally arranged for them to come at noon so I took a 2 hour lunch break and went home to let them in. They determined basement was dry, and removed all the fans.

20 minutes later: on the way back to work, Allstate rep calls to get an idea of our damaged items. When I mention the down comforter, he says Servpro was supposed to take any linens and have them dry cleaned for us. He calls Servpro to have them come pick up items.

10 minutes later: just got back to work, Servpro calls to see if I can go back home to let them pick up the wet linens. I explain that I've already left work once today and it needs to wait at least a few hours. They counter by saying that those things really need cleaned as soon as possible. Which of course makes sense---which is why I was surprised they hadn't already taken them for cleaning. I finally arrange to leave work at 4 so they can come at 4:30. Time gets pushed back, so I leave work at the normal time. Time gets pushed back again, so he will now be here at 7:15. (After they pitched a mini-fit that I couldn't drop everything and come back home at 2:30.)

Tomorrow: back up sump pump gets installed

Thursday: garage door gets fixed, automatic opener installed.

Also happening this week: washer and dryer get inspected for water damage, furnace gets inspected for water damage, and meet with Choice midwives Wednesday night at 8.

I would be exhausted from all this if I wasn't pregnant, but since I am, I feel like I could go to bed and not wake up until Friday.

(In addition to all this mess, I got the camera out last night for Tim to take progress pics of my belly, and the batteries are dead. Not to mention I can't find either of the battery chargers. So once I find one and charge the batteries, there will be pictures up, but it might be a day or two....)

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