Friday, May 8, 2009

first meeting with the midwives

We had our first consultation with the midwives at CHOICE on Wednesday night. They are able to refer us for an ultrasound, which my only reason to keep seeing my OB for now, so I think I am going to switch to seeing the midwives exclusively. I still have an appointment at my OB's on May 26, so I may just keep that appointment and explain the situation to him at my visit.

Our midwives are Abby and Audra. Audra lives about 2 blocks from us, which will be really convenient when it comes time to have the baby. Abby is one of the founders of the organization, and has been practicing for nearly 40 years! As it turns out, she is the midwife who attended the births of 3 of the 5 Curtis girls (my friend Anna, and her sisters Lauren and Jessica), as well as the birth of their older sister's daughter. Between Audra and Abby, they have seen over 1000 births!

More good news--I called my insurance company today, and midwife-attended homebirth is covered! If the office accepts Anthem, it will be covered at the in-network rate. If they don't, it will still be covered at the out of network rate. That is good enough for me, as we were bracing ourselves for paying it all out of pocket.

I found my battery charger, and the camera batteries are charging now, so I will post some progress pics tomorrow night after work. A patron at the library asked me "Is this your first?" last night, so I must be starting to show a bit. I can't really tell, but of course, I see me every day....

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  1. hooray! that is amazing news!! so glad your insurance is going to cover it.