Friday, April 2, 2010

Weight Loss Challenge, week 1

Nearly one week down, 9 weeks to go.

I better kick it up a notch for the next 9 weeks because week 1 has not gone that smoothly. Not that our team is going to win anyhow, but I'd like to not be the one to drag us all down...

Seeing Katie this week decreased my motivation a little bit, because Katie...well Katie is already the weight I'd love to be. Maybe even skinnier than the weight I'd love to be. And she's doing the challenge too. So if she thinks she needs to lose weight, then I must be a fat cow, and instead of motivating me to do something about it, it makes me want to go eat ice cream and hide in bed all day. Sigh. (Nothing personal Katie).

And even if I had been motivated to go to the Y for open gym tonight, I completely forget it was even a possibility because our air conditioner broke, and it fried my brain. We went and hung out at the in-laws house tonight to escape the sweltering heat in our house. It wasn't supposed to get fixed until at least Monday, but then I was pathetic and played the baby card. They're now coming tomorrow morning before 10:30. Fingers crossed that it is an easy fix and can be done quickly.

Now off to pump before bed, and then get up bright and early to greet the AC repairmen. Then, at 11:30, a much needed haircut! Pictures will follow soon after....

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